DuraKote is a breakthrough technology that introduces a new dimension of gloss and protection. This brand new formulation produces deep, vibrant color and a clear wet look finish – but that’s only a bonus.

Durakote provides outstanding hydrophobic properties and protection against corrosion, oxidation, UV rays and surface contaminants. Durakote’s resin re-inforced formula builds incredible protection and reduces surface tension preventing dirt, water and other fallout from attaching to the surface. Water simply beads up and sheets off the paint month after month after month.

In laboratory testing, DuraKote was exposed to 100 washes and temperature cycles and maintained showed minimal signs of degradation.

While DuraKote has a slightly higher degree of difficulty, the end result is certainly worth the extra time it takes to apply and remove. If a dark streak appears during the removal process, simply take a damp microfiber cloth (not wet) and wipe the area. The streak will disappear and the end result will be a beautiful wet look shine that will last and last.