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  • All-In-One is a state-of-the-art synthetic paint sealant that contains detergent resistant polymers and then fortified with pure #1 carnauba wax. This unique blend provides the protection of a sealant while delivery an extremely high gloss finish. It is truly a car lover’s product

  • Wash & Protect in One Step

    Effective IMMEDIATELY, the original California Glow Carnauba Soap is now back and along with it, “DAT SHINE” is back too! Yes, we’ve incorporated all the recent changes such as extra carnauba content¬†to make the best soap ever made, the original California Glow, even better! There is only ONE original California Glow soap and there’s only ONE place to get it. Add to Cart NOW to get your own!

  • Perfect DA Euro Polish is a unique one-step cleaner-polish-wax that exhibits the properties of a light to light-medium compound, a brilliant polish, and a pure #1 grade carnauba wax that not only offers surface protection properties, it delivers an unbelievable shine with color depth and clarity.

  • Sano Suds Shampoo is Clarity1’s newest vehicle wash solution. Containing a generous amount of carnauba wax that delivers a nice surface finish. Sano Suds Shampoo is very gentle with a neutral pH and does not contain any harsh chemicals that may harm a vehicle’s protection.

  • Ultimate Final Detail Spray and Protectant

    Not just a silicone based gloss enhancer, Speedy-Q has been formulated with synthetic polymers and carnauba wax to produce a show car finish on any waxable surface. Use it on cars, trucks, motorcycles and even boats as a final wipe down.

Showing all 5 results