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  • Wash & Protect in One Step

    Effective IMMEDIATELY, the original California Glow Carnauba Soap is now back and along with it, “DAT SHINE” is back too! Yes, we’ve incorporated all the recent changes such as extra carnauba content to make the best soap ever made, the original California Glow, even better! There is only ONE original California Glow soap and there’s only ONE place to get it. Add to Cart NOW to get your own!

  • What More Do You Want?

    Cherry Bubbles is an economical wash shampoo that demonstrates performance beyond its price. At 128:1 dilution ratio, it will create a large foam base that is gentle on paint yet tough on dirt.

  • Sano Suds Shampoo is Clarity1’s newest vehicle wash solution. Containing a generous amount of carnauba wax that delivers a nice surface finish. Sano Suds Shampoo is very gentle with a neutral pH and does not contain any harsh chemicals that may harm a vehicle’s protection.

Showing all 3 results