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LexCon-100, 16 Oz.


When it Matters

LEXCON-100 is a premium leather treatment developed for the care care industry. Perfect for leathers found in high end automobiles, LEXCON-100 is made from 100% NATURAL OILS and waxes including Lanolin and bees wax to moisterize and seal leather surfaces in one easy step.

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LexCon-100 Leather Conditioner Protectant

LEXCON-100 dries to an attractive natural satin shine and will not leave behind any residue. Simply pre-clean surfaces with a mild leather cleaner, apply a moderate amount of LEXCON-100 and allow to absorb into leather surfaces. Wipe away any excess with a soft dry cloth. Lexcon will leave leather surfaces feeling soft and supple, which helps prevent discoloration and cracking caused by harmful sun exposure and entering and exiting the vehicle over and ober.

LEXCON-100 does NOT contain any silicones or aggressive chemicals. It is 100% NATURAL and has a very pleasant leather scent. Although LEXCON-100 was developed for the car care industry, it also makes for an excellent leather conditioner for the home as well.

Size: 16 Ounces and 1 Gallon
Scent: Leather
UV Protection: Yes

Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 in


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