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Rehab HD Polishing Compound, 32


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Rehab HD Polishing Compound is a game changing heavy duty paint correction system that will remove sanding marks, oxidation and other imperfections with ease.

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Product Description

Rehab HD Polishing Compound

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Rehab HD Polishing Compound is yet another innovative game changer and paint correction system that will remove sanding marks, oxidation and other defects with ease. When used with any of the large throw polishers such as the Rupes or Flex machines, mirco marring and swirling are non-existent. More importantly, Rehab HD Polishing Compound finishes to a remarkable shine with  deep reflections.

Rehab HD Polishing Compound replaces our 101UltraHD and was developed as a stronger version of Clarity1’s best selling Cutting Edge. It was blended using the finest micro-abrasive systems available. This allows the product to clean at a deeper level and polish out to higher gloss finish. To achieve a concourse level finish that is ready for your favorite coating, sealant or wax, we recommend finishing with Clarity1’s Finishing Edge.

Rehab HD Polishing Compound is body shop safe and does not contain, waxes, silicones or artificial fillers. It generates very little flaking and provides enough working time to make two passes over a 2×2′ area.

Technologically, Rehab HD Polishing Compound is an advanced product utilizing the latest materials for paint corrections and is a must-have for professional detailers or the avid enthusiast that are trying to achieve the ultimate finish.

Pictures below show a paint correction on a 1971 El Camino show car that had severe wash marks. Process included the Rupes LHR21ES, a Lake Country HD blue cutting pad and a polishing speed of 4 1/2 to 5. The 101UltraHD Polishing Compound completely eliminated the imperfections with a single pass without any marring whatsoever. Differences between the 101Ultra and Rehab are slight; however, users can expect to see a slightly longer working time with the Rehab.

101UltraHD Polishing Compound

101UltraHD Polishing Compound

101UltraHD Polishing Compound

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Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 7 in


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